Take care of the presence of the product in front of the shelf


Orfesa helps you sell more, displaying merchandise efficiently and attractively, giving more value to the product. Helping to manage the space and adapt it to the needs of its clients.

Our shelves are adapted to each store depending on its size, specialty and type of public.

Our sales team is trained to advise you on what is most convenient for each of your stores, and we make personalized proposals with real planograms to optimize your space.

In addition, we help you to assemble your shelves so that improvements in your store are simple and fast. 

Linear 1 meter: It is the minimum size that we recommend to be able to provide solutions.

Lineal Orfesa 1m
Linear 2 meters: It is the optimal size to offer all kinds of solutions, in different formats depending on the type of audience.
Lineal Orfesa 2m.

Linear 3 meter: It is the ideal size for large stores that want to offer their customers all possible solutions.

Lineal Orfesa 3m


Table display: Desktop display. Orderly presentation many of articles in the checkout area to attract the attention of customers.


Display 60 cm .: Models of more current handles and flexo of greater rotation, large round and square ABS shower heads, drains and WC filling taps

Lineal Orfesa 1m

Display Table 25 cm: To have the basic water saving range.

Expositor de mesa

Spontex Exhibitor: To have the Home Maintenance, Surface and Floor Care range

Expositor Spontex